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What are we?

The Glama Project is a volunteer program that serves the senior community. We aim to partner with assisted living, independent living, and senior communities and bring together the talents of local photographers and makeup artists.


Our Mission:

The Glama Project ™ aims to prove “age is just a number" while celebrating the beauty and wisdom it beholds, one complementary senior makeover at a time!



What is a “Glama”?

At The Glama Project, it’s believed that a “Glama” is a woman who with age, holds the wisdom & life stories that have the ability to inspire. She’s likely a mother, grandmother and quite possibly even a great-grandmother and she deserves a day to be reminded that she is beautiful. Men are of course welcome too, we just call them a "Glampa" .


What do we hope to accomplish?

Aging is a tough transition for many seniors. Through our events, we hope to give our seniors something to look forward to and deliver on a day that they won't forget. Each volunteered photo session is about an hour long and encompasses a full makeup application, a styling (we bring accessories, props + more) and a professional photo shoot. Through the images we capture, we hope to remind these seniors that no matter the age - they've still got it!


We also aim to inspire the younger generation. We believe there is so much to learn from our elders and that it’s our responsibility to get their stories told. Many of the men and women we photograph lived during a time that was less (yet more!) complicated. War, The Great Depression, Civil Rights and a life without social media today holds so many treasures of wisdom and experience. As we shoot, we love to learn about the leading lady or man sitting in front of us, in hopes of sharing their stories and life lessons through our platform.


What is a “Glama-Shoot”?

  • A volunteered 30 min makeup session accompanied by a 30-45 min styled mini photo shoot. Each session we try to limit to 45 mins to an hour.

  • We are currently focused on booking weekends

  • We’ll bring a full makeup kit, a few hair essentials, and props to help add flair to the shoot.

  • We'll edit all photos and create a digital online gallery for each Glama.

  • We also gift 5 printed photos for them to keep to remember the day. 

  • We also use photos as content for our social media channels and even write blog pieces that are often about the inspiring ladies who sit in front of us. 

It’s much more than makeup, it’s about building confidence, fueling empowerment, and growing from a beautiful experience.

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