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I use makeup as a vehicle to transform the spirit and the soul of seniors in living homes. 


I started The Glama Project after my own grandmother's tough transition into a home. As a self-taught MUA, I wanted to do something for her on her 89th birthday (her first in her new home). That said, I threw her a "GLAMA party" complete with a glam makeover and photoshoot. It was such a hit and so many of her friends wanted to also partake, I decided to start a project that would allow me to do this at scale and treat as many seniors as possible to the same experience my grandma had.


It's my dream to give makeup brands, beauty influencers, photographers, and MUA's a chance to impact the senior community as these women love makeup just as much as I do (I'm 33!).


I also hope to inspire the younger generation by these women's incredible stories as it's my belief that they have so much to teach us! 


Founder, Callie Ahern

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