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Welcome to The Glama Project, a unique blog here for you to explore. The Glama Project aims to prove 'age is just a number" while celebrating the beauty and wisdom it beholds one complementary senior makeover & photoshoot at a time!


"May we all grow from a beautiful beauty experience!"

- Founder, Callie Ahern 

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New Year, Same Mission - Gifting that GLOW!

2020 is all about trying new things and bringing the gift of GLAM to the greatest generation.

The Glama Project kicked off the New Year along with St. Paul's Senior Services and held the most magical, makeup filled, and motivating event! We are now proud to offer "GLAMA Makeup Masterclasses" in which we teach the latest in makeup trends and makeup applications and help seniors learn to give themselves their very own GLAMA GLOW!

During this 2-hour classroom styled course, we share stories of the past, get to know one another and watch (and play along) with a makeup instructional demonstration given by our Founder, Callie Ahern or one of our very talented MUA's.

January 9th, 2020 marked our very 1st Masterclass. With the help of the Team at St. Paul's Villa Location, we pulled out all the stops and showed some lovely residents how to properly paint their puckers, choose the right color pallets, and how to apply contour like the pros!

"... the goal of the event was to show them some simple makeup techniques that they can recreate daily to feel confident and beautiful, inside and out. Thanks to Thrive Causemetics, each woman left with a whole bag of new makeup to take with them so they can recreate their new look. TGP believes that “age is beauty” and are a service-driven organization full of wonderful volunteers who give their time and talents to “glamify” senior ladies." - Lauren McCormick, Communications Specialist at St. Paul's Senior Services

It sure was a fun-filled day this was and all the ladies left looking lovely and with some Thrive Causemetics in tow! All participants have gifted a bronzer, blush, lipstick, eyeshadow pallet and mascara of their very own! Not to mention we also spent the day with CBS 8 broadcaster, Tim Blodgett who picked up our story for the 5oclock news. Our segment can be found here.

All that said, the most fun may have been had by our model, Leah. She was a great sport for allowing us to use her as our canvas. Leah was also recently interviewed by St. Paul's and the theme of her interview goes hand in hand with our mission -- it's all about feeling good about yourself and finding the confidence within...

"“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Hello, my name is Leah. I lived at St. Paul's Manor for 13 years after I retired, and now I live a few blocks away at St. Paul's Villa. The staff is wonderful, and there’s a lot to keep you busy, but aging is still challenging. When I first started aging, I hated it. Who wants to get old? You become limited in the things you used to be able to do and drained of energy; I loved to hike, and I can’t do that anymore. While it's difficult, I try to stay positive and optimistic. I’m still working on it and getting better at it, but you have to learn to embrace aging and recognize the beauty in all stages of life! Find new things that excite you and ways to stay active!" - Leah.

Want to see some snaps from this event -- view our Pixieset Gallery Link Below.

Senior Home: St. Paul's Villa

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