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Welcome to The Glama Project, a unique blog here for you to explore. The Glama Project aims to prove 'age is just a number" while celebrating the beauty and wisdom it beholds one complementary senior makeover & photoshoot at a time!


"May we all grow from a beautiful beauty experience!"

- Founder, Callie Ahern 

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GLAMA's little helpers...

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Recently, we had the pleasure of partnering with our 3rd home local to San Diego.

St. Paul's Senior Services is nothing short of spectacular when it comes to innovation and providing top senior care at affordable prices. As a non-profit, this senior community opens its door to all seniors at every level of care and as of April, they opened their door to us too!

Earlier this year, I had the chance to sit down with PR Directors Lauren and Sara who had reached out to me after learning of our volunteer program via Instagram. We met for sushi one day during the week and by the time our green tea came to the table, between the three of us we had a handful of events already dreamt up and about a thousand other ideas on how we could collaborate.

As we started talking about all the different services they offer and ways we may be able to incorporate The Glama Project across all of their facilities, one program stuck out immediately in my mind.

St. Paul's is the ONLY Southern California home to offer a program called the "Intergenerational Program".

"As a core component of our senior care, our community at St. Paul’s is proud to offer intergenerational care that brings together children and seniors to benefit the lives of both parties through structured activity. Children from our Child Care Program come together with the seniors in the Senior Day Program for creative activities like reading, sing-alongs, arts and crafts, dancing, and other learning opportunities. These interactions are typically scheduled twice a day and once at lunch to allow for as much interaction as possible."

Why do they do this you ask?

Well, as I learned, studies have shown that structured intergenerational interaction is mutually beneficial for seniors and children alike. These interactions make it possible for seniors to have the ability to learn new skills and feel accomplished, they can improve their day or quality of life through laughter, and can improve memory function through the triggering past memories through "grandparent" like interactions.

I was sold.

As we left lunch, we planned our first event with the goal to highlight the importance of this amazing program. We decided that we'd have a GLAMA shoot in which their seniors who were attending their Senior Day program be chosen to be glammed for the day and few children would assist us in our "glamming session".

We called these kind kiddos "GLAMA's little helpers".

Needless to day the event went off without a hitch and fun was had by all. Even Fox 5 (who was there to provide press coverage for the event) joined in on the fun and helped us celebrate National Volunteer Week.

If you didn't catch the event, here is one of our awesome news segments

We are so lucky to have partnered with such an amazing non-profit and senior care provider like St. Paul's. With so many events in the works this year, we're sure there are more amazing memories to come and more super seniors who will grace us with their beauty.

A special thanks to Jae Nicolas for making this program what it is. As Director of the Intergenerational Program for the last year, we can tell that this has been a labor of love for her much like The Glama Project has been to us.!!

To watch these seniors interact with the children was such a treat. So many smiles shared by all and believe it or not - these little girls know how to color coordinate and pick out only the best and most sparkly accessories!

More amazing St. Paul's events to come --- so stay tuned!

Here are a few favorite shots from the day taken by our amazing photographer:

GLAMA-teers for the day:

1st MUA: Mellissa Ramos

2nd MUA: Callie Ahern

Photographer: Imogen Baxter

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